Through my 11 years of experience in web development, I have acquired a wide range of technical and human skills. My colleagues and superiors consistently recognize my natural organizational skills. The designers I work with appreciate my obsessive accuracy when bringing their designs to life.

Tech Skills

2021 now


The last years I am focusing on React. It enables me to work on a wide range of applications (web, desktop with Electron, mobile with React Native, static sites with Gatbsy).

2021 now

TypeScript, styled-components

I find great truth to the statement "Once you go TS, you never go back to JS".

2020 now


Since the end of 2020 I have used Gatsby in 3 freelance and 2 side-projects.

2017 2018
2020 2021


Started building Vue apps at my work in 2017 and continued in 2020 during hackathons and side-projects (Firebase SDK, Spotify API, DFINITY SDK).

2017 now

JS (ES6)

2014 now

Git, SCSS, Designs to code (Jamstack)

Translating designs to performant and responsive websites with Static Site Generators (Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby) and modern HTML, CSS, and JS. Deploying them on CDNs (Netlify, Vercel).

2011 now

Web development

My passion for developing for the web starting after following a related seminar provided by my university and continues to this day.

Other technical skills

React Native, Electron, Webpack, Bash, Docker, GitHub, GitLab, NPM


2008 2014

Computer Science Bsc

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece

2010 2011

Exchange semester (LLP/ERASMUS)

Blekinge Institute of Technology Sweden







Actively studying



Professional Experience

2021 now

Frontend Engineer | Alephium

Creating beautiful, performant, and secure user interfaces and developer kits that allow users and developers to interact with the Alephium blockchain.

2021 now

Frontend Engineer | Freelance

Designing and building blazing fast websites using Jamstack architecture.

2019 2021

Software Engineer | Petro-Logistics SA

Led the development of the company's new website with a Jamstack architecture while supervising the work of frontend engineers, designers, and content creators. Improved the internal infrastructure using Ansible, Docker, and GitLab CI/CD, set up a Public Key Infrastructure, created a backup system, and gathered requirements for a new system.

2018 2019

Frontend Engineer & Project Lead | Bity SA

Working closely with designers, content creators, frontend and backend engineers, I organized, supervised, and implemented Bity's website with a Jamstack architecture as well as an open-source web client for Bity's cryptocurrency exchange API. I provided UI/UX assistance to Bity's partners and performed extended research on the technology stack of Bity's products.

2017 2018

Frontend Engineer | Station AG

Developed modern website concepts in an agile working team. I led the frontend development of the Amnesty International I'M HERE campaign web app and website, as well as of the B├╝rgenstock website. During my time there I aquired project management skills and over time I obtained scrum master responsibilities.

2014 2017

Full-Stack Software Engineer | Indico - CERN

After graduation, I joined the Indico team at CERN to rewrite Indico's complete codebase. While taking care of frontend, backend, DevOps, user support, and documentation tasks, my main focus was on UX improvements, introducing multiple reusable interface components for a more coherent UI. I also implemented the project's website and built a styleguide for the whole web app.

2013 2014

Full-Stack Software Engineer - Internship | CERN

2012 2013

Full-Stack Software Engineer - Internship | Aidgency Software


2019 2021

ES6, React, Vue

Courses on Frontend Masters and Udemy with content of more than 120h

2020 2020

DFIN 511: Introduction to Digital Currencies

3 months online course from University of Nicosia | Score: 98.83%


Python Advanced hands-on seminar series

3 day course at CERN


Design for Usability seminar

3 day course at CERN

2011 2012

Web application development

5 months seminar series from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

My favorite side-hussles

2021 now


React app to fetch all the tracks of a Spotify artist and create a private playlist

2020 now

Ilias creates (dev blog)

My personal dev blog developed with Gatsby and CSS modules

2020 now


Vue app to help me and my flatmates calculate the depreciation value of commonly bought items

2020 now


Vue app with Spotify API integration to help me organize my downloaded music library

2019 now


This very CV, written in HTML and CSS

Other things I am proud of

2020 now

Hackathon series: Muses.fm


Talks/Workshops: "Flexbox, the yoga of CSS" and "The messed up story of U and my X"


Hackathon: Memrise

Winning team

2011 2013

Volunteering: Board member of ESN AUTH

Integration of Erasmus students, event organizing, creator of ESN WebManager web app